We are Experts in Metal Fabrication

Started in 2003, Edalica Metal Services provides custom sheet metal fabrication solutions known for precision and quality of service at competitive pricing. Our more than 17 years of experience has enabled us to develop, evolve and innovate a wide range of metal products and components tailored for our customer’s needs.

All our extensive list of custom metal fabrication services are made-to-order for customers across Canada and the United States from our 22,000 sq ft shop located in the city of Brampton located in the heart of Ontario. 

Our team comprises customer-centric metal fabricators specializing in creating and manufacturing light to heavy gauge steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper with all kinds of modern techniques according to various industrial requirements. With a comprehensive portfolio of metalworking solutions designed to handle a variety of metal thicknesses, we are capable of executing projects from beginning to end with full efficiency and precision. These in-house competencies, logistical and service support allows us to provide high-availability, dependency and redundancy for a continued supply chain.


We offer a comprehensive list of sheet metal fabrication services tailored to your custom requirements with full commitment towards reliability, accuracy and quality.

Metal Hole Punching

With the hydraulic cylinder press equipment to punch through sheet metal plates of up to 8 mm thickness, get high-volume perforated sheets, punched stair railings pressed into rectangular, square, diamond, spherical and other shapes at fast speeds.

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Tube Rolling Service

Experience our reliable and high-tolerance tube rolling services powered by our advanced tube rollers with the capability to fulfil multiple capacities and tolerances. Our team ensures that you get reasonably pliant tubes after careful inspection and load testing.

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Plasma Cutting service

Looking forward to getting a neat cutting of your materials? Leverage our high definition plasma cutting systems for clean, balanced and accurate sheet metal cuts for a variety of use-cases.

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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Service

Procure fine metal sheets cut for simple to complex profiles with the ability to match your capacity requirements and custom design needs by taking advantage of our advanced laser machines operated by a highly skilled team of technicians.

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Press Brakes Service

Enhance your experience with the precision and quality of our bent sheets and plate material cut at straight angles along with other press-brake produced components. Get metal bending orders delivered with modern press brakes having the capacity to bend a variety of sheet metal sizes and materials with weights ranging from 110 tons to 350 tons.

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Metal Shearing Service

Acquire the best in class straight cut sheets of any metal material or top-notch checkered plates with our top notch shears that have the capacity to cut metals of upto 10 feet long and 0.25 inches thick.

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Metal Rolling Service

Get clean and accurate cylindrical, spherical or curved shapes from sheet metal materials with the help of high-performance three roll hydraulic plate benders that can roll up to 80 inches of length and 0.25 inches of thickness.

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Welding Service

Benefit from our fast and efficient metal welding services for steel, aluminum, or stainless steel by our certified welders specialized in MIG, TIG and spot welding jobs. In addition to these, we provide value added services like grinding and polishing to ensure the quality we deliver is never compromised.

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This serves to confirm that we hava made use of the professional services of Edalica Metal Services LTD., for the entire project of the fabrication of a workshop and offices facility on our existing industrial site.

Mark Rosewitz

Chief of Engineers

We hereby wish to compliment and thank you for the excellent job rendered while constructing and building. You and your personnel put in extra effort to meet our demands and exceeded our greatest expectations by finishing the project in such a short time period. Thank you for the excellent service and quality of work that we experienced.

Andre & Marina Fivaz

It’s been a great experience to have a business with such an innovative firm for the means of Leaser Cutting, Bending & Fabrication works. Edalica Metal Services LTD. is the great fabrication services. As Edalica Metal Services LTD. is one of our good metal fabricator to serve us for the best supply of fabrication services on time according to our priorities. Good going, keep the valuable work going on.

Why Edalica?

At Edalica, we strive to provide you with a complete experience of quality and satisfaction through our services and products. Be it the custom fabrication of metals like steel, aluminum, stainless, brass, copper, or our above par in-house services of laser cutting, plasma cutting, shearing, punching, rolling, bending, forming, polishing or welding, you name it - we have it. Having completed a multitude of projects across industries and applications, Edalica is proud to say that we have the expertise and experience to pull off any metal-working project. From store fixtures, tanks, toolboxes, conveyor systems to stairs, railings, security bars, and much more, we have a dedicated team here to cater and deliver the services on time.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our manufacturing capabilities are supported by modern technology that facilitates a range of metal work from fancy artistic work and patterns to standard commercial artifacts - anything your business demands.

Quality Control

Custom metal fabrication requires high levels of quality control. At Edalica, we make sure that quality is not compromised and is taken into account at every step in the fabrication process. We deliver the promise of quality through strict adherence to the guidelines and procedures implemented by our Quality Control Managers and experienced fabricators.

Diverse Portfolio

From production runs to custom needs, whether it be Mild steel, Stainless or Aluminium - we have you covered. Our experience is demonstrated in all industrial and commercial industries for all kinds of bespoke metal fabrication from hand railings to heavy equipment and machinery.

Expert Fabricators

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who come up with the most cost-effective, systematic, and secure approach to complete each new project coming our way. We continuously upgrade ourselves with the technological advances both in equipment and technique to offer complete consistency and dependability with your job.


For any kind of query, contact us with the details below.

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