Sheet Metal Punching Services

At Edalica, punching is one of our profiling processes that has been made completely automated for efficiency using our robust Finn-Power technology to meet our customer’s needs. We attain the highest productivity for executing small or large jobs with a variety of metal material at high-speed and heavy-tonnage capability.

What is Punching?

Punching is a metal fabricating process that removes a fragment slug from the metal piece on the application of punch. Whenever the punch enters the punching dye, the process leaves a hole at the metal surface. The punching process involves a hardened steel punch that forces itself through a metal sheet giving perforations. The shape and size of the perforations can be altered according to the specifications.

Benefits of Punching


Custom Finishing

Punching is a part of the metal fabrication process that allows you to create holes or perforations in metal sheets with a variety of shapes and sizes including rectangular, square, diamond, spherical. It is also used to fabricate metal louvers that are used to regulate airflow or light penetration.


Guaranteed Automation

The punching machines can handle up to 1200 hits per minute on the metal sheet and have an automated loading system that gives an effective and continuous operation.

Material Versatility 

The process can punch metal of varied material including stainless steel and aluminum ranging from medium to large thicknesses. It can maintain the precision of punches over and over without any variation.



Punching is one of the most inexpensive methods for creating perforations in a metal work-piece in medium to high production volumes. Since the process is very fast, it saves up on time and human intervention to finish the required product.

The Edalica Process

At Edalica, we take all punching jobs to a next level by automating the entire process.  Whether these jobs demand small volumes or large ones for punching, our hydraulic cylinder press delivers fine holes in a fast and inexpensive way.

  • Finn-Power Turret Punch Press Model: F5- SAM
  • Punching Force : 300 kN
    Punch Stroke : Hydraulic
    Number of Turret stations : 20 pcs
    Tools : Thick Turret
    Max punch Diameter : 89 mm
    Max tool rotation : 58 r/min
    Max. material thickness : 8 mm
    Max sheet weight : 200 kg
    Max sheet size : 2530mmX1270mm
    X Traverse : 2584 mm
    Y Traverse : 1317 mm

Technology We Use

Through the use of this turret punch press with heavy tonnage and high-speed capabilities, we deliver the final punched material with close tolerance requirements on a variety of sheet types. 

Finn-Power Turret Punch Press Model F5- SAM


  • Punching Force: 300 kN
  • Punch Stroke: Hydraulic
  • Number of Turret Stations: 20 pcs
  • Tools: Thick Turret
  • Max Punch Diameter: 89 mm
  • Max Tool Rotation: 58 r/min
  • Max. Material Thickness: 8 mm
  • Max Sheet Weight: 200 kg
  • Max Sheet Size : 2530mmX1270mm
  • X Traverse: 2584 mm
  • Y Traverse: 1317 mm

Industries Served

  • Agricultural
  • Air Conditioners
  • Construction
  • Elevators
  • Domestic Railings
  • Aerospace

Partner with the Experts in Metal Punching

From stainless steel to copper of any thickness, our team is capable of handling custom metal punching requirements of our clients in Toronto and the GTA. We serve application-specific demands across industries with quicker turn-around and efficacy.

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