Tube Rolling Services

Edalica Metals provide promising tube rolling for all kinds of metal tubes. Our powerful bending equipment allows us to roll tubes into a well-rounded form with accuracy and minimal wastage for a variety of industries.

What are Tube Rolling Services?

Tube rolling is a metal forming process used to form or shape tubes or pipes into a more permanent form. The process is quite similar to that of sheet metal rolling. A tube is passed between pairs of rollers in order to mold their shapes as per the specifications. 

A gap is maintained between the pair of rollers which run in the opposite directions. Upon their application, the tubes are bent at a particular angle as per the requirement with less deformation and higher durability.

Benefits of Tube Rolling

Allows Various Operations

The rolling process allows operations such as punching, welding, and notching to be performed in-line. It provides an excellent pre-bending function on the processed components making the process more efficient.


One-time Processing

The rollers have the ability to process a whole cylindrical metal body by rolling once. If the angle between the rolls is maintained with accuracy and the alignment is correct, rolling increases its efficacy by great manifolds.


Metal Versatility

Tube rolling processes can work with a variety of metal sheets across a range of strength, corrosion-resistance, conductivity, and thickness. Practically, almost any material can be rolled as per the desired application.



Rolling allows for a high degree of flexibility. The components obtained from a pair of rollers can be of varying length or shape as required. In addition to this, the process gives better dimensional control and repeatability, minimizing any problems due to tolerance build-up of metal material.

The Edalica Process

Edalica processes quality tubular components or tubes to a wide range of industries. Our rolling capabilities allow us to work with metal tubes and roll them in well-rounded form by using our 3 rolls driven bending machine. With high competency and expertise, we provide tube rolling on various cross-sections with reasonable lead time. 

Our powerful rolling machine controls the deformation with respect to the flexion and offers high bending momentum. We aim to make the process reasonable with high precision and speed to support your diverse needs.

Technology: AKBEND


  • 3 roll bend for high capacity bending
  • Hydraulic cylinders enable bending of large parts
  • Adjustable guide rolls for angle profiles
  • Digital display for lower rolls
  • Spiral bending device
  • Motors in variable volt and frequency

Materials Used: Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, and Aluminum

Industries Served

  • Agricultural
  • Hardware
  • HVAC/Refrigeration
  • Electronic
  • Petroleum & Mining
  • Construction
  • Material Handling
  • Furniture
  • Heavy Equipment

Tube Rolling and Fabrication Services at Toronto’s Finest

  • A comprehensive array of services including premium tube rolling services makes Edalica Metals a one-stop-shop for all your rolling and fabrication needs. From one-off to prototype works, we are capable of delivering quality and reason in standard lead times.

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