Metal Shearing Services

Edalica Metals provide top-notch sheet metal shearing for all types of metals. Our powerful hydraulic shear allows us to make smooth cuts on flat sheets and checker plates of aluminum, stainless steel and a variety of types of steel with accuracy and minimum wastage.

What is Shearing?

Metal Shearing is a fabrication process used to cut fine straight lines on material sheets. It involves the use of shear force in a perpendicular angle on the flat metal sheets to give line cuts on the surface upon the application of shearing blades. The process does not require the use of heat instead, a fixed metal blade in a machine slices through the metal. As the blade comes down, the sheet metal is pressed against a top and bottom blade giving cuts at straight angles. It is usually suitable for materials with less thickness as it tends to put an extreme amount of stress on the metal. However, a sheared edge is preferred over a plasma cut as plasma cutters can create a carbon film around the cut edge.

Benefits of Shearing


Metal Versatility

The shearing process aids in cutting a variety of electrically conductive materials in addition to stainless steel and aluminum ranging from medium to large thicknesses. It can cut straight lines in flat sheets with ease and precision.


Inexpensive Cutting

Shearing utilizes no added tools or heavily complex machinery to deal with flat metal sheets, hence it is a cost-effective solution with minimal damages. Compared to other processes, shearing produces almost no wastage which makes it a very sustainable choice.


Prevents Chips, Kerfs, and Deformation

The shearing process delivers excellent chip-free and kerf-free cut quality on the metal surface and results in no damage to the metal sheet as any possibility of melting or burning the material is completely ruled out.


Quicker Cutting Solution

To handle a simple job like making cuts at a straight angle in a flat metal sheet, shearing is a tempting option as it gives quicker outputs and is very easy to execute. With high-cutting speed, shearing is extremely efficient for high-volume manufacturing applications.

The Edalica Process

At Edalica, we provide sheet metal shearing services to specifically resize stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other sheet metals for a variety of industries to meet their project demands. We leverage the latest equipment to provide fine cut lines on metal sheets or checker plates or even cut long sheets into smaller pieces.

Technology We Use

Our power-packed guillotine type hydraulic shear does the cutting action like that of a scissor. From metal sheets to checker plates, we are well equipped and experienced in delivering shearing tasks on time and cost-effectively.

HACO Hydraulic Shear


  • Hydraulic controlled hold-downs for better pressure setting
  • Light Guard System ensuring perfect gauging
  • Stroke Control Adjustment
  • CNC Back Gauge
  • Electro-hydraulic blade gap setting by means of 2 cylinders


Other Specifications:

Cutting Capacity: 10′ lg – 1/4 thk”
Cutting Length: Upto 10 ft Long
CNC Back Gauge

Industries Served

  • HVAC
  • Architectural
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Industrial

Production Level Shear Cutting Services in Toronto

From metal sheets to checker plates, Edalica Metals is capable of shearing all metal types for industrial and project-specific purposes for clients in Toronto and the GTA. Additionally, we have a proven track record of serving clients throughout Ontario, Canada.

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