Who We Are

Established in 2003, Edalica Metal Services Ltd. is a progressive sheet metal fabrication company. We are a team of highly motivated metal fabricators who pride ourselves in providing on time quality service at competitive rates. It’s our ever advancing staff and expertise, which allows us to help you make your visions come to life. Our 22,000 sq ft shop is located in the heart of Ontario which allows us to serve anywhere in Canada and the United States.


Office Sign
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Our Commitment

Our team is dedicated to providing you unmatched customer service experience with 3 operating shifts daily that help us maximize our efficiency and output. Our commitment to quality and service is reflected with our seamless fulfillment process that is designed to consider every order as an expedited delivery.

Fast Delivery

With an impressive inventory of sheet metal including steel, aluminum, stainless, and checker plate as well as a variety of tubing and flat bar, combined with our numerous in-house services,  We can take on the job from beginning to end ensuring a quick turnaround and timely delivery.

Extensive Experience

Over 17 years of experience, we have extended our services to a variety of industries including Industrial, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Retail, Medical, and more. We are a competent supplier of metal fabrication for works like tanks, conveyor systems, stairs, railings, security bars, washers, toolboxes, store fixtures, and more in and out of Ontario.

Continuous Training and Feedback

Edalica aims to keep on getting better with your feedback. Ongoing equipment training and cross-training our skilled professionals give them a broader understanding of the fabrication process ensuring we stay up to date with the latest technology while perfecting their skill set.

Centralized Fabrication

We help you minimize the need for you to work and rely on multiple vendors by providing a variety of parallel jobs and value-added services to meet your demands.

Strengthened Relationship

We believe that strong business relationships thrive on complete transparency and trust. This encourages us to build long term relationships with continued support to clients at all times.


Quality Assurance

With a team of highly experienced fabricators and CWB industry-certified welders, Edalica ensures that each custom product is of the highest quality.

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